TokkoiTokkoi (George Vougioukas) is a Greek DJ/Producer born in Athens. At a very early age, he became interested in music and began studying piano and music theory at the age of 8. In 1994 he went to the UK to study Classics and English at the University of Manchester and along with his studies started djing in Manchester. Having entertained crowds in many UK nightclubs, George founded his own entertainment and promotion team “RGN” organizing highly successful parties in North West England. On completing his MA degree he went on to study Dance Music Production in the School of Sound Recording in Manchester. In 2004 he returned to Greece and started composing and producing his own tracks.Tokkoi made his first appearances on Baroque as George Vougioukas with KOI-961 & Exit 82, featured on the Chilled Structures collections. Both were massive hits, breaking the top 20 at Beatport & hitting the top 10 Billboard chart!Tokkoi is releasing his first artist album “Custom Made World” on March 31st 2014. He decided to record a lot of the instruments like the drums and guitars live and the sound quality really shines through. There are also a number of vocalists featured on the album, not only from his native Greece but also co-operations from the Philippines, Germany, Ireland, the UK and Mexico, giving the album a truly global vibe. From chilled ambience & beautiful soundscapes, through vocal folk & electronica journeys and onto deeper house sounds, including remixes and collaborations with Jon Silva, Alex Villanueva, Sahpe & Owsey.